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Welcome to Online Game Service which is operated by SohaGame on website, mobile and other devices. This document contains terms and conditions applicable to your access and use of our Service (“ToS”). By selecting the “Accept” button appeared at the end of account registration step, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions described herein. 

To understand your rights and obliagtions, please read these terms carefully before you start to use our Service. Any use of our Service means that the Customer has completely voluntarily agreed to all the terms herein, other referred hereby and their amendments and supplements from time to time. If you do not agree to all of these terms, do not use our Service.


In this ToS, the following words and phrases, unless the context otherwise requires, shall have the following meanings:

1.1.     “SohaGame” means entity, a subsidiary of VCCorp Corporation, providing the online game services.

1.2.     “User” means the player using SohaGame’s online game services and the owner of Account, SohaID engaging in SohaGame’s Service.

1.3.     “Account”, or “SohaID” means a string of characters or any other marks approved by SohaGame at the date of starting use of the Service to identify a sole User.

1.4.     “Service” or “Game” means online game products or services and secondary services related to those supply, exploitation and use provided by SohaGame on websites or mobile or other devices.

1.5.     “Website” means SohaGame’s official electronic information webpage at and other electronic information webpages used by SohaGame for providing Service.

1.6.     “Force Majeure” means any circumstance or event beyond the reasonable awareness and control of SohaGame which SohaGame is unable to overcome after the exercise of reasonable diligence within its abiliy. Force Majeure includes but not limited to acts of God, floods, fires, natural disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, coup d'état, civil disturbances, riots, acts of terrorism, strikes and other labor disputes, interruptions of computer, communication or internet service supply, server failures, disruptions related to software, system performance, malicious code, unauthorized access or stolen information caused by the User’s fault, order of state authorities, change of policy or laws or any other event which is deemed as Force Majeure under Vietnamese laws.

1.7.     “Content” means the information including but not limited to text, image, music, software, computer program that may be accessed, downloaded or used through the Service.

1.8.     “Partner” means individuals or organizations that cooperate with SohaGame in providing Service and Content to the User.

1.9.     “Chargeable Service” means the Service or Content provided to the User with fees.

     2. ACCOUNT

 2.1.     To access and use the Service, the User shall register a SohaID account which records all information required by laws. In order to secure the legitimate rights and interests of the User, SohaGame recommends that the User logs in Game by its own SohaID account. In case the User is unable to provide sufficient information to prove itself to be owner of such account, SohaGame may not assist the User in resolving its claims. 

After the SohaID account is satisfactory, the User may access the Game through one of the following methods:

Email (which has been recorded by SohaID) and password.

Phone number (which has been recorded by SohaID) and password.

Connecting the registered Account with your device, Google account, Facebook account or other linked accounts (if any). The User may then access the Game through linked account without password. The Game may permit the User to use those linked accounts for logging in from time to time. The User shall fully comply with this ToS and the terms of use of the service provider where the User creates those linked accounts and shall undertake to be responsible for its use.

 2.2. According to the laws of Vietnam, the User shall provide fully and accurately the following information:

Full name;

Date of birth;

Permanent address;

Citizen identification card/passport number, date of issue, place of issue;

Phone number, email address (if any).

In case the User is under the age of 14 and does not have a citizen identification card/passport number, the legal guardian of the User shall register its personal information to indicate its consent and take responsibility before the law for such registration.

In case the User fails to provide or provides inaccurate or incomplete information above, SohaGame shall be entitled to refuse to provide the Service; stop providing Service or restrict or prohibit one of the or more Account’s features, delete the Account, Data, and any related information, lock Account; and/or refuse to acknowledge and resolve User’s claim relating to the Game and/or User’s Account.

SohaGame stores the above information during the Service supply and 180 days from the date of termination of the Service. Upon expiration of the time limit as provided in this clause, SohaGame, at its sole discretion, has the right to continue storing or delete the above information, unless otherwise expressly requested by the User on deletion of its information.  

2.3.     Age requirements for Account owner:

Video games suited for adults (aged 18 and up, marked as 18+) are games that have armed combat; but have no pornography acts, sound or image;

Video games suited for teenagers (aged 12 and up, marked as 12+) are armed combat games without close and graphic weapon image; with restricted/mitigated weapon impact sound; and without acts, image, sound of exposed-skin characters, or close-up attention to sensitive parts of human body;

Video games suited for everyone (marked as 00+) are animated cartoon games without armed combat; ghostly, horrible and violent image, sound; acts, image and sound of exposed-skin characters; and close-up attention to the sensitive parts of the human body

SohaGame performs age rating for its Game. The User shall comply with the age requirements and play the Game appropriate to its age. The age classification is based on the assessment standard of each game scenario and is approved and licensed under a decision of a competent state authority.

2.4. Account name guidelines:

Account name can contain alphanumeric characters and underscores. Upon creation of an Account, please fill in the required information in full.

Account name excludes words and marks causing anyone to remember the famous people and politicians of the Communist Party of Vietnam and Vietnamese Government.

Account name excludes words and marks relating to reactionary, religion, pornographic and violent or in contrary to fine customs, traditions and cultures of Vietnam.

Account name excludes words and marks insulting or causing conflict to anyone in any manner.

Account name excludes words and marks causing disadvantage or loss of the Service Provider’s prestige.

Account name excludes words and marks relating to intellectual properties of Service Provider and its parent companies, subsidiaries and affiliates.

Account name excludes words and marks relating to criminals (leader of terrorist, fascist, etc.)

In case of detecting a violation, SohaGame, at its discretion, has the right to (i) delete the account and/or (ii) lock the account of the User in breach. Any claim in this case shall be refused.

2.5. Each Account in the Game belongs to the exclusive use of the Account owner only. The User shall not transfer, assign, lend and bequeath its Account to any third party.

2.6.     SohaGame takes appropriate measures to safeguard the User’s personal information. However, SohaGame may disclose User’s personal information in cases the competent state authority requires or SohaGame deems necessary, including but not limited to, protecting rights and properties related to the service system provided by SohaGame; identifying the individuals who intentionally violate cyber security laws.

2.7. The User may ask SohaGame to delete or remove its personal data held by SohaGame under the following process:

Step 1: The User sends the data deletion request to SohaGame via email ( or hotline (19006639) or website (

Step 2: SohaGame responds the User and verifies the true User.

Step 3: Upon successful verification, SohaGame deletes the User’s personal data. 

       3. USER’S RIGHTS

3.1.     The User has the right to change the Account, password and registered information.

3.2.     The User has the right to use the Account and services attached to the Account in general and play the Game in particular.


4.1.     The User in itself prepares personal computer, mobile, transmission, operating system, data connection devices and other necessary facilities for use of the Service.

4.2.     The User shall comply with the age requirements and participate in Game suitable for its age.

4.3.     The User shall be solely responsible for the accuracy of the information provided for the Account registration. At its discretion, SohaGame has the right to (i) cancel the User’s interest and/or (ii) refuse to provide the service to the User and/or (iii) refuse to acknowledge and resolve the User’s claim in connection with the Service and Account in the event the User fails to provide or provides inaccurate or incomplete information.

4.4.     The User shall be solely responsible for protecting its Account information including but not limited to email/phone number on the Account, security phone number, citizen identification card, passport, transaction information. The User shall immediately (i) change the account password and (ii) notify SohaGame if the User believes that an unauthorized person might have access to your Account in order to mitigate the damage to the User.

4.5.     The User shall agree with terms of service and privacy policy of any third party providing services to SohaGame. SohaGame and/or a third party cooperating with SohaGame may use information provided by the User for purpose of operating, improving and changing the Service in line with User’s demands, maintain and enhancing the quality and security of the Service and sending the User the advertising, events, etc. relating to Service via messages, telephone, electronic mail, etc. or any other means in which the User can receive information. The third party cooperating with SohaGame (if any) shall be obliged to keep the User’s personal information confidential. The User shall comply with the terms of services required by the Partner. The User agrees and acknowledges that the Partner in itselft shall take all responsibilities and liabilities for its contents and/or services. The User agrees and acknowledges that SohaGame may link to or provide links of Partner or other third party’s websites and that SohaGame takes no control of nor obligation, responsibility, liability to, including but not limited to, any content, advertising, service, product, etc. that the User uses, obtains or learns from such websites. The User agrees and acknowledges that SohaGame shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the User due to the its use of the contents, advertising, service, product, etc. from such websites.

4.6.     The User shall not compromise or attempt to compromise cybersecurity of the SohaGame’s server system or use any sofware, program or other to interfere with the Game or engage in or perform any act that may or may threaten to disrupt or suspend the Service.

4.7.     The User shall not perform acts that infringe the intellectual property of SohaGame and its partners and developers. The acts include, but not limited to, creating websites related to Game or identical with or confusingly similar to the Game; modify, reverse engineer, re-edit, decompile the Game’s code; attempt to remove information related to the Game’s copyright.

4.8.     The User shall not copy, modify the Game to become, create, design new versions or new derivative works of the Game (unless otherwise as permitted in writing by SohaGame).

4.9.     The User shall not conduct insecurity or disorder at SohaGame and its affiliate’s headquarters, branches, representative offices, business places.

4.10.   The User shall not use softwares and programs or take advantage of defects caused by the system or perform any act to gain more advantages over other players, change result of any fighting in the game, cheat, cause harm or defraud. When detecting any failuare, bug, error in the Game, the User should immediately notify SohaGame. The Account shall be locked in case of spreading or exploiting bugs in, interfering with or causing harm to the Game. The acts constituting a criminal offense shall be prosecuted before the law.

4.11.   The User shall not impersonate a member of SohaGame or intentionally mislead others into believing that the User is actually a member of SohaGame, including but not limited to system administrator, specialist, collaborator, employee.

4.12.   The User shall not spread or disseminate information that is illegal, deceptive, libelous, insulting, pornography, obscene, offensive, threatening, abusive, hateful, inciting, etc. or in contrary to common standard and morality whether within the Game or outside the Game.

4.13.   The User shall not send advertising, offer or any other commercial communication (unless otherwise as permitted in writing by SohaGame).

4.14.   The User shall not send or transmit any data or software containing any viruses, trojans other components harmful to the cybersecurity of the Service system.

4.15.   The User shall not submit, upload, publish, transmit, reproduce or distribute in any way content of the products and services provided by the SohaGame and protected by copyright and intellectual property laws or create variations of such content without a written consent of the copyright’s owner.

4.16.   The User shall not repeatedly send meaningless text on chat channels to obstruct or harass the others.

4.17.   The User shall not threaten, harass, cause psychological inhibition, etc. towards other User or post slanderous, fabricated information or insult the reputation and honor of other individuals and organizations.

4.18.   The User shall not post unhealthy, obscene, defamatory, offensive words, sentences, marks, characters, etc. to service system administrators, players, organizations and cause harm to the reputation and prestige of the Game and SohaGame.

4.19.   The User shall not collude, disrupt, obstruct, damage, fabricate information harmful to the community, SohaGame or partners associated with SohaGame in all programs, events and services.

4.20.   The User shall not use the Game to propagate fighting against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, cause harm to national security, social order and safety and all-nation unity, propagate war and terrorism, sow hatred and conflict among ethnic groups, ethnicities and religions and disclose state, military, security, economic, foreign affairs secrets and other prescribed by laws.

4.21.   The User shall not use the Game to propagate or incite violence, obscene, depravation, crime, social evils or superstition, to undermining the nation's fine traditions and customs or to perform other illegal actions.

4.22.   The User shall not access and gain or attempt to illegally access and gain the Account, passwords of the others.

4.23.   The User shall not promote any non-SohaGame Game in any way on SohaGame’s media channels or during the installation or use of the Game.

4.24.   The User shall not buy and sell Accounts, virtual currency, virtual items in the Game for profit in any way or exchange Accounts, virtual money, virtual items in the Game to cash or any other kind with equivalent exchange value. SohaGame may delete accounts in breach these terms without any prior notice. The User understands, agrees and accepts that the Account, virtual currency, virtual items or other virtual units in the Game are not property, not redeemable for money, payment cards, coupons or other kind which may be traded in real life. 

4.25.   The virtual currency and item in the Game cannot be used for any purpose other than those permitted by SohaGame. The virtual currency spent by the User shall be non-refundable, unless otherwise dedcided by SohaGame.

4.26.   The virtual currency shall be used within the account which the User tops up and shall not be assigned or transferred to another account in any way. Furthermore, the virtual currency shall not be made or combined by devices run by different operating systems to a different virtual currency even though they are classified under the same name. SohaCoin shall not be sold by the User in any way.

4.27.   The User shall regularly pay attention to and check the ToS. Notice for amendment or supplement of any term or condition in this ToS is not required and does not affect the effectiveness of such amendment or supplement.


5.1.     SohaGame has the right to take necessary safeguards to secure information and prevent information from unauthorized access, modification or destruction. Notwithstanding the above, the safeguards shall not be deemed as a warranty or representation that the User’s Account is unable to be lost or hacked, SohaGame disclaims all liabilities and responsibilities.

5.2.     SohaGame has the right to restrict or refuse the User to access the Website or Service or to open an Account for any reason that SohaGame deems necessary.

5.3.     In case the User or the Account is in breach of this ToS, SohaGame, at its sole discretion and at any time, has the right to take remedial measures without the User’s prior consent. Based on the nature and seriousness of the breach, the User shall be liable before the competent state agencies and related parties for any loss and damage caused by such breach. 

5.4.     In case the User provides inaccurate or incomplete information, SohaGame may (i) Revoke the User’s interests and/or (ii) Refuse to provide services to the User and/or (iii) Refuse to acknowledge and resolve User’s claim relating to the Service and Account.

5.5.     SohaGame shall not resolve the claims related to interchange of virtual items inside the game or exchange of virtual items to cash or other kind of equivalent value.

5.6.     SohaGame may accept payment method provided by SohaGame or its Partner inside the Game and/or on the Website of Game. In case the User uses other payment methods, SohaGame shall disclaim all responsibilities and liabilities to the User. Notwithstanding the above, in case SohaGame credits the listed corresponding value that the User successfully tops up its account in the Game, but then the payment service provider requests a chargeback (due to claim from the cardholder), SohaGame may accept and follow such request as stipulated by the relevant agreements and regulations and withdraw value and all beneifits gained by such top-up available in the User’s Account and/or take back virtual items that the User purchases by such top-up and/or withdraw outstanding value from the next top-ups. Depending on each violation, the User’s Account might be permanently banned from using the Service.

5.7.     SohaGame has the right to adjust, update or optimize the Game, including but not limited to stats, features of virtual units, items, bonus available on the User’s Account without prior notice to or consent of the User.

5.8.     SohaGame, from time to time, has the right to suspend Service for a certain period to repair and upgrade the system and will notify the User in advance on the Website or on other information channels, but the User’s connection to the Service is not guaranteed.

5.9.     In the event the User’s Account is inactive (the User does not log in its Account for a period of 180 days or more), SohaGame has the right to delete Account or terminate the Services without prior notice to the User.

5.10.    SohaGame has the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or terminate the Service in whole or in part at any time without any prior notice to the User. This modification or termination takes effective immediately at the date on which SohaGame gives notice, unless otherwise provided in the notice. SohaGame has the right, at its sole discretion, to discontinue providing the Service and/or related support in whole or in part at any time. The User shall not request any refunds, benefits or other compensation from SohaGame.

Termination of a User’s Account may include disability of the User’s access to the Service in whole or in part.

5.11.    To improve game speed and performance, SohaGame has the right to delete any old Data stored on Game servers at any time.

5.12.    All technical, feature, formula, solution information relating to the Game are confidential, SohaGame has no obligation to provide the User with any of the above information in any way.

5.13.    SohaGame has the right to withdraw or delete virtual items and currency in the Game in case such virtual items and virtual currency are obtained from unofficial or illegal sources.

5.14.    For Chargeable Service,

  • The amount that the User has topped up shall be non-refundable, the virtual currency and items shall not be exchanged to cash or any other kind of equivalent value. In case a Service is closed or discontinued, SohaGame may assist the User to switch to another Service provided by SohaGame.
  • In case the transaction made through payment service provided by Partner is not successful but the amount in the User’s bank account is debited and/or other it is caused by SohaGame’s fault upon examination, SohaGame shall credit the corresponding value to the User’s Account within 03 (three) days from the date on which SohaGame (i) acknowledges the User’s claim and (ii) completes the fault identification of the top-up transaction.


6.1.     SohaGame shall support the User during the process of using the Service.  

6.2.     SohaGame shall acknowledge and resolve claims related to the Account and use of the Service within the specified time provided that the User provides accurate and complete information as required by SohaGame.

6.3.     SohaGame shall keep the information and data provided by the User confidential unless otherwise provided in this ToS. In case the User requests any technical assistance, the User shall permit SohaGame to remotely access and check the User’s computer, mobile and other electronic devices storing the Game software for purpose of troubleshooting.

6.4.     In case the Service is suspended or terminated for any reason, SohaGame shall not refund to or compensate the User in any kind, SohaGame shall use its best endeavor to announce the User within a reasonable time and take a plan to protect the User’s interests in accordance with the laws.


7.1.     In case the User breaches any provison in this ToS, SohaGame, at its sole discretion, has the right to take the below remedies in itseltf and/or through the Game’s system and features without prior notice:

  • Warning;
  • Censure;
  • Withdrawing or deleting virtual item and currency;
  • Suspending Account;
  • Temporarily banning Account within a specific time;
  • Permanently banning Account;
  • Filing denouncement to the competent state authority to take proceedings against an accused who has been charged with committing a criminal offence;
  • Any other remedy that SohaGame deems necessary.

SohaGame reserves the right to impose separately or concurrently the above remedies, from time to time, for purpose of warning and/or protecting game balance. The User acknowledges and agrees that any remedy imposed by SohaGame shall be deemed reasonable by the User.

7.2.     In case SohaGame detects and/or receives claims and denunciations related to violations of User and Account, SohaGame shall have a right to impose the above remedies and (but have no obligation) to annouce the Account name in breach and its remedy on the Website, in-game or other channels and/or notify the other Users that SohaGame may approach.

7.3.     In case the User commits a violation as provided in this ToS, the User may lose the Account, personal information, benefits and privileges available on its Account. SohaGame takes no obligation to compensate, reimburse or indemnify the User for any such loss and damage.


8.1.     SohaGame uses its best efforts to mitigate risk and damage that may arise during operation of the Service and Force Majeure. SohaGame provides no warranty that the User will be able to access or use the Service at any time and any place and Service will be uninterrupted or error-free or error-overcomeable or be free from viruses or other harmful components. Under no circumstances shall SohaGame be liable for any interruption, error, damage, unauthorized access, hack, firewall attack or data loss (if any) to the User. SohaGame may correct such defects to the extent reasonably practicable. The User assumes full risk (if any) for its use of the Service and take no legal action or claim against Service and SohaGame.

8.2.     In case the User is dissatisfied with or involves an accident with SohaGame’s Service or Website, the User’s sole and exclusive remedy is to terminate the Service and Website.

8.3.     The User represents and warrants its perception of the using and understanding information contained in the Game. The User represents and warrants that the use of its information fully complies with the requirements of prevaling laws.


9.1.     Information posted on service systems may be provided by members who use the service, SohaGame cannot guarantee accuracy and trustworthiness of and shall take no responsibility or liability for such information.

9.2.     Links on SohaGame’s service system may redirect the User to another website of the Partner, the User accepts these links and the potential risks attached (if any). SohaGame shall not guarantee accuracy and trustworthiness of the information posted on such website.

9.3.     SohaGame reserves the right to add, modify or delete any information or regulation or change and alter the system’s display, composition or function, etc. as SohaGame deems necessary at any time without prior notice.

9.4.     Upon use of the Service, the User permits the Service Provider to collect and store information provided by the User once registered as well as information related to hobbies, habits, skills, technical information of and applications on the User’s device. The Service Provider warrants and commits to keep all the above information confidential and not to use such information for illegal purposes.


10.1.     All products and services provided by SohaGame have been licensed by the State and protected by copyright. The User shall not upload, send, publish, distribute products or services in any way without a written consent of SohaGame.

10.1.     SohaGame shall be permitted to use the ideas, information or content provided by the User for free. The User waives all financial interests (bonus, license fees, royalties, etc.) in connection with those uses.


11.1.     Claim notification

The User may intimate claims through one of the followings:

  • Website at by the SohaID account. The User may creat a separate claim or acess the private claim area to write down its opinions. SohaGame’s Customer Service will collect the claims and setlle in accordance with SohaGame’s policy;
  • Service: During the use of Service, the User may directly intimate claims to the operation team.
  • Email, phone or meeting at SohaGame’s offices: The User may contact SohaGame’s Customer Service via hotline 1900.6639 or emai “” or arrive office at 10th Floor, Center Building Hapulico Complex, No. 1, Nguyen Huy Tuong Street, Thanh Xuan Trung ward, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi.

11.2.     Claim requirement

When denouncing or complaining about other Account, the User needs to specify the name of the Account and attached violation. The User also needs to provide sufficient information on its Account and contact upon SohaGame’s request;

  • Within 48 hours (forty-eight hours) from the time of acknowledgement of claim, the Customer Service will respond the User’s claim.
  • The User agrees that SohaGame’s response to User’s claim through the methods provided in Article 11.1 is the final and official.
  • In case of significantly affecting the player’s interests or the Account or character such change of passwork, hack report, error report, account deletion, etc., the Users shall notify the claim via its registerd email to SohaGame’s in-charge mailbox/website, or its registerd phone number to Customer Service’s hotline and provide its accurately and sufficiently registerd citizen identification/passport number or transaction of account if required by SohaGame. SohaGame may reject such claim on the basis of the claimant’s failure to do so.

11.3.     Vituarl items and virtual assets 

  • SohaGame may review the reinstatement of the User’s virtual characters, items and assets lost due to system error provided that the reinstatement request is filed by the User within 02 days (48 hours) from the date of such error. Otherwise the Customer Service may reject the reinstatement. SohaGame may not reinstate virtual characters, items and assets in non-compliance with SohaGame’s policies or lost due to User’s fault.     
  • Virtual characters, items and assets subject to reinstatement request must be owned by the Account of the User who files the request. SohaGame may reject such requests in case the requester is unable to prove itself to be owner of such Account.
  • Information required for reinstatement of virtual characters, items and assets must be provided accurately and completely for a quick progress:

+     Account information (excluding password);

+     Time and date of accident;

+     List of lost characters, items and assets;

+     List of changed parameter;

+     Other problems.

  • In case the requester dishonestly or incompletely provides the above information, SohaGame may disclaim settlement of their request.
  • SohaGame disclaims reinstatement of virtual characters, items and assets which are subject to the User’s private trade and business. If required by state authority, SohaGame may provide the User’s personal information under a legitimate procedure.
  • The followings shall not be reinstated:

+     Virtual characters, items and assets lost due to unauthorized access;

+     Unclear reinstatement request or inaccurate information provided;

+     Disclaimer of ownership of virtual characters, items and assets;

+     Sale and purchase of virtual characters, items and assets to and from NPC;

+     Virtual characters, items and assets lost due to joint use of account;

+     Virtual characters, items and assets lost attributable to the User;

+     Virtual characters, items and assets lost due to use of Service during maintance period;

+     Virtual characters, items and assets lost due to User’s facilities (internet transmission, client server, etc.)

+     Over the time limitation available for reinstatement filing.

  • The User’s request must be submitted within 48 hours of the incident. Otherwise SohaGame may not resolve any request and the User must be solely responsible for all risks (if any). 
  • The User’s request and claim is processed sequentially. SohaGame makes its best effort to settle such request and claim within 72 hours of receipt.
  • SohaGame’s Operation Department may directly take in response to some special circumstances of the User.

11.4.     Settlement process of claim on virtual characters, items and assets

Settlement process shall be conducted as follows:

SohaGame may not acknowledge and settle any private transaction between the Users inside or outside Game. SohaGame shall take no responsibility if there is a loss virtual characters, items and assets due to the User’s negligence upon transaction processing. Therefore, the User should be careful to avoid unfortunate situations.


12.1.    This ToS takes effect as of the issue date and remains in full force untill SohaGame replaces or revokes it. Any prior ToS is hereby replaced in its entirety by this ToS.

12.2.    The User agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless SohaGame from and against any and all liabilities, litigations, damages, expenses and costs including without limitation to court fees, attorney fees and consultant fee arising out of the User’s breach during the usage of Service or the User’s violation of laws.

12.3.    This ToS is governed and construed by the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

12.4.    The headings contained in this ToS are for reference purposes only and shall not affect in any way the meaning or interpretation of this ToS.

12.5.    In case any provision in this Tos shall be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby. 

12.6.    This ToS includes entire agreements between the User and SohaGame. This ToS does not alter any additional term that the User has been informed by SohaGame and it’s applied once the content or service of a third party is used. 

12.7.    If there is a conflict between this ToS and the Terms of Use of SohaID and Open Authorization, the provisions of this ToS shall prevail. If there is a conflict between this ToS and an official announcement of SohaGame, such announcement shall prevail.

12.8.    No failure or delay on the part of any party hereto in exercising any right or remedy under this ToS shall operate as a waiver thereof. SohaGame reserves the right to exercise such right or remedy at any time SohaGame deems appropriate.

12.9.    SohaGame reserves the right to amend and suppelment this ToS at any time, such amendment and supplement take effect once posted on the Website. The User should review ToS by accessing the Service, Website periodically to know the prevailing terms and conditions. The User shall be deemed to have accepted such amendment and supplement by continuation of use of the Service.

12.10.   The User agrees and acknowledges that, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations or upon receipt of an order from a state authority, SohaGame may take actions against any provision in this ToS and that SohaGame shall be exempted from any responsibility and liability.